Visual C++ - Not equal to: !=

Not equal to operator is a logical operator that is used to compare two numbers.



par1 != par2
Used keywords: !=



  • Result - Logical value Returns a true, if the first number is Not equal to the second, otherwise false.
Note: It works over all types of numbers.


Visual C++ .NET

Not equal to the possible of use:
a = 5 < 10;       // a = true 
b = 8 < x; 
if ( y < 100 )  

Visual C++ .NET

Even one example in what situations we can use the operation Not equal to:
x != y
1 != 10 
(i & j) != 64

Visual C++ .NET

Other pieces of example codes:
y != 25

You can find it in the following collections: relational operators
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