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Bitwise AND with another name bit clearing operation. it get the bit clear name after logical and operator:just in case it's true if both inputs are true in all other situations the result is false. it transferred to the variables means that only those bits remain set to 1 where both inputs was 1 otherwise resets. this property can be used for example to query the value of a specific bit as follows: for example, if we interest a value of 3rd bit, then we perform bitwise AND of the variable and the number 4, if the result equals 4 so that means that the bit is set, and if not this bit is 0. and why I chose number 4 for example? number 4 displayed in bit form: 0100, only 3rd bit is set to 1, exactly what we want to test.



par1 and par2
Used keywords: and




Visual Basic .NET

Bitwise and the possible of use:
x = &Hf and &Hff      ' x = 0xf
y = 5 and 3           ' y = 1
z = (x and 5) and y     ' z = 1

Visual Basic .NET

Even one example in what situations we can use the operation bitwise and:
i and j
&Habcd and k
2 and (i and 4)

Visual Basic .NET

Other pieces of example codes:
(i and j)
&Hff and &H05
z = not(x and 5) and y
(i and 4)
(i and j)

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