Pascal - Bitwise left shift: shl

Bit shift to the left as many time shifts the input number to the left as many as the value of the second input. output bits will be lost and the input bits will be 0. bit shift to the left can be used to multiply the power of 2. for example, when 8 is shifted twice the result is 32, it is the same as if multiplied 8 with two on second that is four and 4 multiplied with 8 is 32.



par1 shl par2
Used keywords: shl



Compatible programing languages:
Free Pascal | Object Pascal



Bitwise left shift the possible of use:
x := 16 shl 2;      { x = 64}
y := $f shl 5;     { y = 480}
z := (x shl y) shl 2;{ z = 256}


Even one example in what situations we can use the operation bitwise left shift:
i shl 4
$12AB shl j
128 shl (j shl(3 + i))


Other pieces of example codes:
2 shl 2

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