C - Statements

Statements are one step in the program.


expression statement Expression statement is evaluating the expression, then make an evaluation and program execution continues wit...
loop with condition at the end Condition testing is done at the end of the loop. consequently, the loop is performed at least once. after eac...
loop with condition on the beginning Condition testing is done at the beginning of the loop. before each iteration the condition is tested, if it i...
conditional statement By conditions we can control our program. thanks conditional statement we can control program running in two d...
block statement A compound statement is also known as block. to connect more than one statement in a statement, eventually red...
automatic variable declaration Variable declaration is used for its creation.
increment statement It is a mathematical operation that is used to increase the number by one.
decrement statement Decrement statement it is a mathematical operation that is used to decrease the number by one.


Other pieces of example codes:
while (y>1)
if ( x >= 12 )
   while ( y >= 0 )  
if (i==5)
if ( y < 100 )  
do --i; while ( i > 0);
a2 = !1;
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