C - Expressions

Expressions are such a part of the program that performs some operation and then returns the result of the operation, or represents some value.


arithmetic operators Are used to perform mathematical operations. the following are basic operations between the arithmetic operato...
logical operators Three or four logical operations are available, exactly how much it depends on the particular programming lang...
bitwise operators We have more of the bitwise operators, using the bitwise operator we can set or determine the specific bit in ...
relational operators The main use of the relational operators is in control of conditional statements. thanks to these, we can deci...
parenthesis operator We can use parentheses to change the order of expression evaluation, in other words, we can override operator ...
explicit type conversions By using an explicit conversion, you can specify exactly what type you want to work with. Thanks to this we ca...
value sender


Other pieces of example codes:
z = ((float)x / 5) * 10
xmin = -128
(10 >a || a<5)
(32 >>2)
0x1A ^ 0x1A
y <= x
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