Java - Bitwise xor: ^

The main area of application of the bitwise exclusive OR is encryption, because it has such a characteristic that reuse the same mask on result and we get back the original input, so the role of masks can be seen as key. it works as follows: if the bits have the same value so the result is 0, and when the bits value is different then the result will be 1. besides encryption may be used for exchange the values of two equal-sized variables in this case the advantage is that there is no need for use a third variable.



par1 ^ par2
Used keywords: ^





Bitwise xor the possible of use:
x = 123 ^ 25;      // x = 98
y = x ^ 25;        // y = 123
z = x ^ 123;       // z = 25


Even one example in what situations we can use the operation bitwise xor:
i ^ j
0xAC ^ k
631 ^ (0xF0 ^ k)


Other pieces of example codes:
0x1A ^ 0x1A

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