Object Pascal - Logical or: or

Logical OR works as follows: just in case it's the result false if both inputs are false, in all other cases the result is true. In next table you can find all possibilities:
TrueFalse True
TrueTrue True
information about the table: a, b are inputs, x is result



par1 or par2
Used keywords: or



If the first operand is true, then the second operand is not evaluated.


Object Pascal

In the source code you can find the equivalent of the above table, for easier orientation at the end of each line is a comment which shows the result.
a1 := false or false; // a1 = false
a2 := false or true;  // a2 = true
a3 := true  or false; // a3 = true
a4 := true  or true;  // a4 = true

Object Pascal

Even one example in what situations we can use the operation logical or:
(b or c) or a
a or true
a>1 or a<100

Object Pascal

Other pieces of example codes:
j > 128 or false
a or true
(10 >a or a<5)

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